Knight MicroPro II MPII-200L Chemical Dispenser For Warewash

Knight MicroPro II MPII-200L Chemical Dispenser For Warewash

Item # MP200*10PC30*

  • Liquid detergent and rinse control system with two peristaltic pumps, with one transformer, installation kit, in stainless steel case.
  • Splash resistant plastic lid
  • Electrical/flow rate: 115, 208, 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Alternate #7162700-07

The tilt front and cover makes setting and servicing the unit quick and easy. Having choices of probe/probeless operation, high and low range concentration settings, rinse delay, rinse limit, dry detergent, liquid detergent, and sanitizer pumps makes the Micro Pro II the universal dispenser. Mount it on the wall or on top of the machine by rotating the pumps and adding the two suction cup feet provided.


  • Compact, stainless steel case with splash guard plastic cover.
  • Tilt-up circuit board adjustment.
  • Fold down front pump panel.
  • Cover mounted rinse and sani prime switches.
  • Easy to set dual concentration range.
  • Long life rinse motor.
  • Up to 3000 hours.
  • Long life probe circuit.
  • Rinse saver operations.
  • Proven long life squeeze tubes.
  • Louder alarm with volume control.
  • Custom labeling available.